Crysis 3 game review

Date:27 February 2013 Author: Andrew Solomon Tags:, , , ,

Score: 8 out of 10

Crysis 3 might not necessarily completely satisfy the original die-hard Crysis fans, but I think that many will have to admit that this is one of the best shooters we’ve seen in a while.

Right from the start the quality of the story is evident. As Prophet you find yourself awakened many years after the ending of Crysis 2 and the world has changed. New York is now completely overgrown. The Cell Corporation has created a gigantic dome over the whole city and is generating power from an unknown source.

The mission, according to Prophet’s former partner Psycho, is simple. Get in and track down the source of the power – put an end to the evil Cell Corporation once and for all. Of course there is a twist: Prophet does not believe that the alien Ceph are dying out. Perhaps a little paranoid, but I’ll leave that to you to figure out.

The New York biodome environment is truly spectacular. These visuals draw the player in and you will really feel as if you are genuinely traversing an authentic environment. The lush undergrowth and natural structures coupled with the now dilapidated bits of buildings and old vehicles are something to behold.

In terms of weaponry and equipment, Crysis 3 packs a big punch. The suit is much the same as what we have come to expect with the expected abilities. A new weapon, the bow, is an incredible addition to the arsenal. The bow comes with loads of customisable elements that will transform most players into a powerful silent killer. The bow stays cloaked when firing which virtually makes it the perfect weapon.

There is nothing more satisfying than silently sneaking around fully cloaked and then taking an opponent down without them even being aware you were there in the first place. Prepare for quite a rush.

Crysis 3’s multiplayer gameplay brings a fresh approach that some fans will go wild for. Obviously the standard deathmatch modes are available and certainly remain as fun as ever. The new Hunter mode is terrifyingly awesome. In this mode, two cloaked hunters play against a team of Cell troopers. Every time one a cell trooper falls, they change sides and join the hunters. If you’re the last trooper then it’s going to be a scary ride. But if you can run out the clock then you get the victory. This is a really great addition to the multiplayer offering.

Crysis 3 is a great production. Yes, there are some that may still yearn for the original Crysis and all it’s innovation, but one needs to see this game for the complete package that it is. Great story. Great action. Do I want to keep playing it? Yes.

Available on: X360, PC, PS3

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