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Date:28 May 2013 Author: Anthony Doman Tags:, ,

While driving in to work this morning, I remembered I needed to collect somebody at Cape Town airport during the lunch hour on the last leg of a flight from London via Johannesburg. But I had forgotten the flight details.

So I touched the microphone icon on my Samsung Galaxy SIII’s Google Search bar (yes, I was stopped at the time) and said, “South African Airways London Johannesburg departure time”.

The reply – spoken – came in seconds.

“South African Airways flight 237 from London is on time and arrives in 5 minutes.” The detail was echoed by a Google Card.

Even though I’m used to the process by now, there’s still a bit of “how did they do that?” like a colleague responded last week when we got a rapid-fire response to the statement, “Dublin’s main shopping street”. OK, he’s 78 and uses his phone purely to make and receive calls.

  • Google Voice Search works on iOS, Android and Chrome browsers for
    laptops and desktops. It’s powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph.

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