Invent something, score serious cash, become famous. Do it now (October 2011 issue)

Invent something, score serious cash, become famous. Do it now (October 2011 issue)
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Have you invented something? Perhaps a new and improved nose-hair clipper, an astrological chart for sceptics, or a device for the humane disposal of politicians? Or more seriously, something that the world really needs? If so, you could be in the running for large cash prizes (R130 000 in total) plus the prestigious accolade of South African Inventor of the Year. Each category winner will receive R20 000 in cash and the overall winner will receive an additional R30 000.

Visit pages 64 and 65 for details of INVENT 2011, an exciting Popular Mechanics initiative that encompasses our inaugural Inventors Competition plus the 3rd annual PM Inventors Conference, which takes place in Midrand on 24 November. Updates on the presenter line-up and other details will be posted on our Web site at and on our Facebook page. Competition entries close at the end of October, so we’d suggest you get cracking soon. For the record, we fully expect to be surprised and delighted.

Still on the subject of raw excitement, we’ve had a ball over the past few months as we exploit the talents of our in-house team in conceptualising and producing a new batch of PM television commercials, flighted across multiple channels on DStv. If you’ve seen them, we’d be glad to have your feedback. The image shown here is a freeze-frame from September's commercial, publicising that month’s cover story – on the tactics and training of the US Navy SEALs – and introducing INVENT 2011.

This month’s issue features a necessarily small but entirely relevant selection from Mike Bruton’s 2010 book, Great South African Inventions, with more to follow in November. The article illustrates the extraordinary inventiveness of South Africans from all walks of life – some rich and high-profile, others downright humble. We salute every one of them.

They made it!
If you followed our blog reports on the “Make it 2 Bushmills” competition, you’ll be as thrilled as we were to learn that South Africans Sean Tickner of Cape Town and Jonathan Oliff of Durban have emerged victorious in the two-day contest to find a temporary home for the makers of the 400-year-old tipple, beating 10 other teams from all over the world. Their prize includes spending two weeks working at the famous distillery to create their own unique blend of the whiskey, accommodation in a luxury penthouse and £5 000 (about R58 000) in spending money. Bushmills plans to host a humdinger of a party here in mid-November.

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