Why the Mate 20 Pro is our Phone of the Year

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  • lowlight
  • portrait mode
  • regular mode into direct sunlight while the subject was moving
  • regular mode from inside an airplane
  • portrait mode at sunset
  • regular mode (not night mode)
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  • regular mode (not night mode) at night
Date:5 December 2018 Author: Brendon Petersen Tags:, ,

Huawei has fought hard to become the household name that it is today.

When I first heard of the company, I didn’t know anything about them and I certainly didn’t know how to pronounce their name.

Now, the company’s latest flagship – the Mate 20 Pro – is so good, that we’ve named it Phone of the Year at Popular Mechanics SA.

We’re not the only publication or website to hail the Mate 20 Pro as the best phone you can buy in 2018, but – as always – there are people who disagree with this decision.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is a stellar phone thanks to its Infinity Display and new and improved S-Pen, but its battery doesn’t hold up to the promise of the all-day usage that Samsung had promised and the camera, well, it doesn’t live up to the hype and the former crown that Samsung held as the best smartphone camera on the market.

If you take away the S-Pen, the Note 9 doesn’t feel all that special or as powerful as it used to be.

I’m not bashing Samsung, but in a world where everyone is fighting to be the best, you’ve got to do more than just minor incremental upgrades in order to maintain the number 1 spot.

Apple’s newest iPhones are…well, they’re iPhones.

Yes, they’re incredibly user-friendly and the camera has been improved, but there’s absolutely nothing new in the XS and XS Max. So much so, that there are reports of Apple considering resuming production on the iPhone X to bolster falling sales.

Apple’s “cost effective” iPhone, the XR, proves that you can live without the XS and XS Max dual-camera setup, but the pricepoint – which is just R3000 lower than the Mate 20 pro – makes you question whether or not Apple understands what “cheaper” actually means.

Huawei has unveiled a slew of new features in the Mate 20 Pro – they’re the first to bring reverse wireless charging to the market (a feature I love showing off), they’re also the first with 40W supercharging technology (which gives you 70% battery life in 30 minutes) and the first with 15W wireless Super Charge and the first major handset manufacturer in South Africa with an under-display fingerprint scanner.


Is it a perfect phone? No.

It has everything you want from an IP68 rating to an amazing battery, incredible camera (see the Mate 20 Pro gallery above)  and a display that rivals the best that Samsung has ever created, but it’s let down by software.

Gestures on the mate 20 Pro are my favourite thing, in fact, I think they’re better than gestures on the iPhone XS, but Huawei’s overall UI still needs some work.

Other than that, this is the best phone I’ve used and reviewed in 2018 because it’s the one that gives me the overall package as a power user.

Not only is the Mate 20 Pro the best phone of 2018, but Huawei has also proven itself to be the brand to beat in the tech world.

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