Now’s a good time for those fiddly little DIY jobs

PM"â„¢s Sean Woods listens in vain for the sweet sound of power tools as the global recession pulls up the handbrake on DIY projects in his neighbourhood.
Date:20 July 2009 Author: Sean Woods Tags:

Now that all my big home-refurbishment projects are on hold maybe I should be concentrating on the not-so-much-fun stuff.

I like big home projects – things like remodelling my home’s inner spaces, building a decent garden shed or erecting a carport. The only problem is these jobs cost money (read my previous blog). As a result I have a number of half completed projects that have stalled. It’s not a big problem for me, but my better half can get a tad ratty when guests are about to arrive from upcountry.

My main project (it should’ve been finished ages ago) is the conversion of our guest bedroom and study area into the main bedroom with en-suite bathroom. For me, bashing walls down and then rebuilding them to reconfigure the space is fun, but finishing off the fiddly stuff is a drag. As a consequence, there are holes in the ceiling, strips of bare brick instead of neat plaster, tracks of cornice missing, and holes in the floor. Oh, and our most private space is presently open plan on to the lounge!

At present there’s not much I can do about the bedroom/lounge divide (we’ve hung some pretty cloths to provide a semblance of privacy). But for the rest I don’t have much of an excuse, other than I’d rather be watching paint dry. A bag of ready-mixed plaster or concrete doesn’t cost much, neither does a strip or two of cornice. And I’m sure I can scrounge a strip of ceiling board from somewhere without having to buy an entire sheet.

My only option is to roll up my sleeves and get cracking – these aren’t exactly jobs I’m looking forward, to but what are my options, other than putting my projected timeline for completing our home back another year, again?

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