Snap judgement: A work week with the BMW i3

Date:21 December 2016 Author: Lindsey Schutters Tags:, , , , , ,

While a life without cars is still a long way off for South Africa, some of our more privileged citizens can commute using electric cars. We lived the e-mobile lifestyle for a full week and realised that it’s less of an inconvenience than we ever imagined.

Electric cars are definitely the immediate future of motoring and should start replacing equally expensive, but less featured regular cars when the second wave of units capable of 200 km+ on a charge hit our shores.

Innovators like Tesla have already surged ahead and put electric cars on the forefront of climate change discussions, but because the company doesn’t have the years of experience as some of its competitors, there have been teething problems.

A company like BMW, for instance, is perfectly positioned to drive the conversion to quality e-mobility. It already has a stellar offering in the i3.

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