Snap judgements: Ecomobility World Festival 2015 edition

Date:1 October 2015 Author: Lindsey Schutters Tags:, , , , , ,

Residents and worker bees of Sandton, lend me your eyeballs: stop whining about the Ecomobility World Festival and rather embrace the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. Yes, walking sucks, but it’s far better than sitting in traffic. And riding a bike? After you stop sweating (or while, depending on your preference) you’ll have the biggest smile on your face. Trust me, I do it nearly every day, it’s almost impossible to be grumpy when you get off of a bicycle after your ride to work.

Alternative modes of transport do more good than bad. On public transport you’re presented with the opportunity to communicate with other people, which will broaden your world view and save you from technology’s insular hell. Cycling or walking will make you a little more fit and allow you to appreciate – and scrutinise – your impact on the planet (you’ll realise how impatient motorists are and become a better person because of it).

I travelled to Sandton in at the worst possible time for ecomobility: days before the festival started. What did I find? An efficient public transport system that needs a couple things added here and there. The video below is my journey from the JRA building in the city to OR Tambo International Airport. It took the best part of half an hour and cost me around R150, a price I am more than willing to pay for this world class convenience.

So go on, be smug. Meet new people and show the world that you’re ready to embrace the future, because no-one looks glamorous in traffic.

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