Stop me before I buy again

Stop me before I buy again
Popular Mechanics - Anthony Doman
Date:9 March 2012 Author: Anthony Doman Tags:,

At this time every year, Cape Town goes bicycle-mad. Or, as some road-users seem to believe, even more bicycle-mad than it already is. (The city is, after all, highly rated internationally as a cycling destination.)

Of course, it’s Argus time. The 35th Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour takes place this Sunday. As a late starter to the sport, I’ll be there for the 14th time.

As usual, the week before the actual event involves bike activities that may or may not entail actual mounting a saddle and riding. One event that has become a fixture is the Expo. What amounts to a bazaar for all things bicycling, it can represent a formidable obstacle to one’s financial well-being. Having registered in the basement of the cavernous Good Hope Centre, wide-eyed neophytes emerge blinking into the glare of the main exhibition floor clutching their Argus goody bag. Few seem able to resist the age to buy, buy and buy again.

We took a look.

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