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Date:10 February 2012 Author: Andrew Solomon Tags:, , ,

Score: 3 out of 10

A little while ago you wouldn’t have to wait very long to hear something about the everlasting Xmen. I am a big fan and certainly enjoy most of the variations. This game however does not make me feel like a proud fan. This game makes me feel like maybe I’m not that big a fan.

The first thing that you will notice when playing the game is that graphics and more importantly the art direction are completely hopeless. It almost seems like this game was made five years ago and then put away for a rainy day. If only the rainy day had not come. The visual effects associated with power ups, collectables and combat are ridiculously two-dimensional and unrewarding.

One of the biggest attractions to the Xmen game franchise is that the games normally allow you to play vicariously through the lives of at least one of your familiar favourites. Not so with Xmen Destiny. The story takes place after the death of Charles Xavier. During a memorial peace rally the action begins and your character’s mutant abilities are revealed.

You select one of the pre-made mutants and that becomes your character. The stereotyped superpower collections are used so no surprises there. You can be super strong, super fast or have the ability to throw energy around in effective blasts. Although you will not be playing as any one of the already well-known Xmen, you will meet up with them from time to time. You may fight against them or alongside them.

Unfortunately the combat is overly repetitive and you will therefore spend most of your time smashing through hordes of mindless enemies. It’s really not very challenging even during the boss stages. The patterns are all too easy to recognise and none of it seems to use any real AI at all. The AI really seems to come completely unstuck with regard to your mutant partners. Whether getting lost in a map or running into walls it does seem to betray a distinct like of quality in this title.

Obviously it’s not all about fighting. There are also times where your character travels through game environments to get from one place to another. Unfortunately these are incredibly limited and your character is virtually funnelled down very specific avenues. Hardly the most open experience you will find in a game.

In summary, I am quite disappointed in the game and feel that when compared with other games at the same price this really doesn’t compare.

Available on: Xbox, PS3, DS, WII

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