5 creepy science articles to prepare for any eventuality

Date:28 October 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , , ,

Creepy science articles might sound like the plot of a B-grade horror movie, but in this case it’s not quite as absurd. Scientists from all over the world have researched worst-case scenarios and doomsday events. They’ve also seen the weirdest, most macabre and uniquely bizarre.

So, with Halloween around the corner, here’s a list of five creepy science articles that, although plausible, might not be the science we are used to.

1. The epidemiology of zombies

If, as many writers and directors have predicted, the zombie apocalypse does arrive, epidemiologists from across the globe will be on the front line to assess the immediate risk and analyse how the disease (if it is a disease?) will spread. Fortunately some overly enthusiastic researchers have already planned ahead. The model for this kind of eventuality is the aptly titled You Can Run, You Can Hide: The Epidemiology and Statistical Mechanics of Zombies. Read the article by clicking here.

2. A guide to ghost hunting

Now we’re not sure if we should be channeling our inner Buffy or an episode of Supernatural, but this article compiled by a group of cultural geographers will guide the budding spectral researchers to locating the spookier side of science. Locating haunting: A ghost-hunter’s guide can be read by clicking here.

3. Uniquely forensic

Bear attack – A unique fatality in Finland is a really real (not that we’re the experts on what’s fact and fiction) and somewhat gruesome (WARNING: graphic images) forensic article following a bear attack in Finland in 2006. The article was compiled due to the irregularity of bear attacks in the country. Yes, we know this is more macabre than spooky, but we feel it falls well within the bounds of creepy science articles. Click here to read the article.

4. Attack of the vampire bats

In the early 90’s residents of a secluded gold-mining town in southeastern Venezuela awoke to bite marks on their bodies and blood stained sheets. The town’s 145 residents had become a food source to bats living in nearby caves and for four months the bats would visit regularly to feed. Fortunately health officials managed to get the bat population under control and vaccinate the residents. Read the article here.

5. The donkey killer

This article takes the B-grade horror movie cake. The corpse of a 65-year-old farmer was found with a deep – and ultimately fatal – neck wound and a donkey with a bloody lip was standing close by. The farmer’s death was attributed to blood loss from the would and asphyxia. See, although donkeys are docile animals they are said to become quite aggressive and dangerous during mating season. Sadly the farmer fell victim to the donkey’s passion. Death Secondary to a Donkey’s Bites can be read here.

Source: ResearchGate

Image credit: Chance Agrella

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