• 5,000-year-old yeast made into beer

    Date:3 March 2020 Author: Elise Kirsten Tags:, ,

    Some Israeli scientists have taken 5,000-year-old yeast found in clay pots at the Tell es Safi/Gath archaeological site and made beer with it.

    The site from which the yeast was taken is believed to be the ancient city of Gath, where the Philistine people lived.

    The beer, which has a fruity taste, could well have been drunk by Goliath of Gath before he went to fight David, the young shepherd who later became the king of Israel.

    According to The Times of Israel, the idea to reactivate the yeast in the experiment was hatched by ‘Dr. Ronen Hazan, a microbiologist at the Hebrew University‚Äôs Institute of Dental Sciences and School of Dental Medicine and his biologist colleague Michael Klutstein, alongside brewmaster Itai Gutman, who at the time owned a brewery in Jerusalem.’

    According to CNN, the taste of the beer has been described as ‘really interesting’ and ‘fruity like nut and bananas’ by one taster, while another said It ‘tastes like burned bread.’

    The beer won’t just languish in university labs though, according to The Times of Israel if seed funding is secured, soon the brew will hit supermarket shelves, too.’

    Speaking about the breakthrough, archaeologist Dr. Yitzhak Paz said, ‘This is the first time that living yeast was actually extracted, identified and recreated from ancient pottery vessels, and furthermore, they were used in producing alcoholic beverages that were consumed in ancient times. This groundbreaking research opens ways to other endeavors that will identify the ancient remains of foodstuffs in ancient vessels and will recreate them.’

    Image: @PrepSportsPlus/ Twitter