8 fascinating docuseries to watch on Netflix

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Binge-watching series is great but can often make you feel like you’ve wasted valuable time and brain power. So next time you’re feeling like a lazy day on the couch in front of a screen, why not choose one of these incredible docuseries? This way you’re entertained and learning something at the same time.

1. Explained

This series, created by Vox media, takes a quick but thorough look at a very specific topic. It goes into the detail of why the thing it is discussing is a thing and what that means for the world.  These shorts can explain a range of topics from the female orgasm to K-Pop. New episodes are released each week so you’re not stuck waiting ages for a new installment, like with most other Netflix shows.

Episode run time: Between 10-25 minutes



Based off the New York Times column, these episodes follow Dr. Lisa Sanders, Yale University School of Medicine clinician, as she crowdsources diagnosis for rare, mysterious medical conditions. The show is not only interesting because of how bizarre some of the illnesses are but also because it shows how often doctors struggle with diagnosing patients and the prejudices that can complicate a diagnosis.

Episode run time: Between 40-50 minutes

3.The Toys That Made Us

Who didn’t grow up with a Barbie or Lego? This series takes you behind the scenes with the creators of the world’s most iconic and lucrative toys. The first two season include legendary children’s toy brands including Barbie, Lego, Star Wars and Hello Kitty. The new season has been announced and will be released at the end of November with episodes focusing on Power Rangers, Wrestling, My Little Pony, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Episode run time: Between 40-50 minutes

4. 7 Days Out

This one is for those who enjoy being stressed. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the world’s biggest events are put together. The show follows aspects of each events set-up in the week prior to it’s opening. From the Chanel Haute Couture fashion show to the Nasa Cassini Mission, this show is not for those who don’t enjoy the high-pace and adrenaline of worrying about whether those you’re watching on screen will pull it off.

Episode run time: Between 40-50 minutes

5.Abstract: the art of design

This show takes you into the mind of some incredible designers who practice in various mediums. These innovators explain how they work and how their work impacts different aspects of every day life. While all based around design, the variety of mediums means that no two episodes feel alike. Follow Ruth Carter through her work as a costume designer for Oscar winning films and next episode follow Cas Holman who designs toys to inspire children and adults to play creatively.

Episode run time: Between 40-50 minutes

6.Inside Bill’s Brain: decoding Bill Gates

While this is part documentary on the man himself, a significant amount of the three episodes are taken up discussing Bill’s current projects which include work through his foundation on sanitation and healthcare in the developing world. Learn about the founder of one of the biggest tech companies in the world while also being introduced to some of the solutions being offered to improve lives around the world.

Episode run time: Between 50 minutes

7. The Mind Explained

An off-shoot of Explained, this series is formatted in the exact same way but focuses specifically on the human mind. Combining psychology and neuroscience, this series looks at specific functions or concerns of the mind including anxiety, memory, mindfulness, dreams and psychedelics. It is a fascinating look into a very complicated part of the human body which plays such a vital role in day-to-day life.

Episode run time: Between 15-20 minutes 

8.Formula 1: drive to survive

Formula 1 fans can get into the driver seat with the world’s top competitors in this series that follows the intense world of Formula 1 for the entire 2018 Formula One World Championship. The series looks into the stress and nerves experienced by drivers, the pressure put onto brand teams and the high of winning a round.

Episode run time: Between 36-40 minutes 


Image: Pixabay and Netflix

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