• Astronauts read bedtime stories from space

    Date:22 January 2020 Author: Anita Froneman

    Parents who have trouble getting the young ones interested in reading, might finally have something to offer that no kid will refuse: astronauts reading stories form space!

    Story Time From Space is newly launched programme that aims to inspire students, educators and families to actively engage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through the excitement of space exploration and literacy.

    “To help support educators, we are taking all the wonderful content we are getting down from orbit and putting it into curriculum and professional development workshops so we can work with educators to help them feel confident and have the science background to teach the concepts correctly,” said Patricia Tribe, educator and co-founder of Story Time From Space.

    Take a look here:

    “What better role models to engage kids in science and to engage them in reading?” Tribe told HuffPost. “You’re not only looking and listening to the books, you’re looking around the International Space Station.”

    Image: Instagram/theklauscat


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