• Australia to interdependently launch hybrid rockets by 2022

    Date:15 June 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    Australia is known for its wide variety of wildlife, the vast and expansive outback, and many picturesque beaches. Now, it seems as though the nation down under is looking to add space exploration to that already impressive list.

    According to reports from Engadet, researchers from The University of Queens and Gilmour Space are making progress on a hybrid rocket that will be used to launch satellites into orbit as soon as 2022.

    The research team is currently working on developing a fuel system for their rocket, which researcher from the University of Queensland, Dr. Ingo Jahn described as “one of the most complex engineering challenges” in the field of rocket design.

    “They [Fuel delivery systems] are located at the intersection of multiple systems; to stay light they have to be incredibly power dense, they must operate across wide temperature and pressure ranges and they are safety critical.” Dr. Jahn said.

    “Finding effective and safe engineering solutions to meet all these requirements, while remaining lightweight is the challenge we have to overcome.”

    What makes this goal so important to the nation is the fact that all the rockets, and components used to build said rockets will be made in Australia, meaning they would not have to rely on other nations for assistance.

    “Rather than buying products from overseas, the rockets and components will be manufactured in Australia, and this is an essential step towards developing a space launch vehicle industry in Queensland with many expected flow-down benefits to our manufacturing industries,” Dr Jahn said.

    Recent world events have shown how important it is for a nation to be able to stand on its own. China, The US, and Russia are currently the world leaders in space flight, However, if this programme is indeed a success it would not only provide new job opportunities for engineers, scientist, and researchers but also make Australia one of the only nations capable of making advanced rocket systems from components in their own back yard.


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