• Catch the Strawberry Moon this evening

    • Credit: Time and Date
    Date:5 June 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    A penumbral eclipse will take place this evening and will be visible across South Africa. Find a low-light area and look up to the Moon to spot it grow a shade darker as it moves into the Earth’s penumbra.

    The penumbra is the lightest part of the Earth’s shadow, which makes this eclipse slightly less dramatic than what we usually expect. According to Time and Date, a penumbral eclipse is often mistaken for a full Moon because the shadow seems to fill out the rest of the Moon’s circumference.

    However, should you think this evenings Moon is looking a bit full, you will actually be right. In an accidental turn of events, the eclipse and the full Moon are happening on the exact same day.

    This full Moon also has its own name Strawberry Moon, not because it turns any shade of pink, but because in the Northern Hemisphere this is the time that wild strawberries that start to ripen.

    Moon naming conventions come from ancient names for months which are thought to have come from the Native Americans. This is why the names are connected to Northern harvesting and growing patterns, and are unrelated to those in the Southern hemisphere.

    Find the eclipse times here:

    Credit: Time and Date


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