Chinese man tests daughters DNA to learn her strengths

Date:22 November 2019 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, ,

According to reports from Bloomberg, a Chinese man named Chris Jung decided to make the most of his DNA company, Gene Discovery, and test his daughter’s DNA (from her saliva) to see if she would grow up to become a prodigy.

Jung claimed that he had high hopes of his daughter growing up and become a successful doctor or lawyer, but his hopes were shifted after it was discovered that his daughter supposedly had the potential to excel in the fields of sport, math, and music. The DNA tests also revealed that she has a lesser aptitude for memorising details. As a result of this, Jung said he will try and nurture her strengths, whilst steering her away from professions that require a lot of memorisation.

Upon receiving the results, Jung said, “Originally, I would like her to become a professional like a doctor or lawyer. But once I looked into the results, it talked about how her memory is so bad. I switched my expectations because if I would like her to become a professional, she needs to study a lot and remember a lot.”

According to Scientific America, over 200 genes have been cataloged as having some positive association with fitness-related performance. This means gene analysis at a young age could have some indication of whether your child will grow up to be physically gifted. However, there are over 20,000 genes in the human genome, so scientists are only beginning to scratch the surface in relation to gene analysis.

More than 50 percent of Gene Discovery’s clients are from mainland China, proving that gene testing is growing in popularity. Although, the accuracy of such tests to identify ability and specific traits is questioned by some. Timothy Caulfield from the University of Alberta said “There’s just no way a DNA test will tell you anything that’s meaningful about complex traits”.

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