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The (Nasa) Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Visual Strategy Studio partnered with the Rosetta Mission at JPL, StudioKCA architect Jason Klimoski and the World Science Festival to create this model of a comet. Made of steel, it exudes a fine mist to mimic the comet’s tail.
Image courtesy of WSF 2014
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Okay, so you were not able to visit New York for the World Science Festival, which started today. Before you sink into the Quicksand of Gloom, you need to know that you can share in the excitement via webcasts on Live Science – that is, if you are willing to live with the dreaded buffering.

What kind of excitement are we talking about here? Well, how about brain-machine interfaces, the science of poisoning, the mystery of gravitational ripples and – wait for it – the physics of chocolate and pie (yes, the thing made with pastry)?

Geneticist Mary-Claire King of the University of Washington, the researcher who discovered the breast cancer gene known as BRCA1, will speak to a sell-out audience on Saturday, and on the same evening, amateur stargazers will join respected astronomers for an evening of urban stargazing and live music under the Brooklyn Bridge. (Hey, no one said music and stargazing were mutually exclusive.)

Says Tracy Day, Festival co-founder (with physicist Brian Greene) and one of the driving forces behind the five-day celebration of science: “This year’s programming, with an emphasis not only on main stage events but also on more intimate gatherings involving great scientists and general audiences of all ages, brings cutting-edge science directly to the public.”

Source: World Science Festival

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