For R500,000 a night, NASA will take you to the stars

Date:10 June 2019 Author: Sam Spiller Tags:, , , , , , , , , ,

A trip to space could be your next holiday destination. NASA announces that a visit to the International Space Station is a developing possibility for those with deep pockets

Have you ever thought about taking a holiday to space? Not many hotels or spas can offer a view as epic as Earth itself, or the chance to experience zero gravity. Provided that you have the cash to afford an out-of-this-world vacation, you can now enjoy an extended relaxation period whilst orbiting the planet.

NASA has announced that, for the very first time, they will allow private citizens to pay and travel up to the International Space Station (ISS) for a month-long stay. This is also a first for the ISS as it goes against previous restrictions that prevented tourists from visiting. However, NASA is not the first space agency to offer paying customers a trip to space. Russian space agency, Roscosmos, has already taken six tracks to the ISS.

The announcement is a big plus for air flight companies such as Boeing and Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, who have been busy developing their own rockets to safely propel passengers to and from space. It’s also seen as a move to try and encourage space tourism, something which the likes of Musk and Richard Branson have long spoken about.

The pricey catch: NASA will make two trips a year starting as early as next year. To be on one of those trips and spend a month in space, you have to pay $35,000 (R500,000) a night. That’s R15 million for the whole month!

Space enthusiasts (and curious tourists) aside NASA have said that an increase in space tourism from the private sector can help pave the way in putting astronauts back on the moon (no one has been there since 1972).

Although there is still much planning to be done, don’t put a trip to space off the map. Talk, in this case, isn’t cheap and you could find an unexpected trip to the stars advertised at your local travel agency before you know it.

Source: Reuters

Images: Pixabay

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