French Bordeaux wine makes its way back to Earth

Date:13 January 2021 Author: Leila Stein

The International Space Station had to relinquish 12 bottles of French Bordeaux wine and hundreds of snippets of grapevines as they were scheduled to return to Earth.

The bottles and vines spent a year on the ISS as part of a study. The bottles won’t be opened on Earth until February when one of the most fascinating wine tastings of all time will happen. This will be followed by chemical testing to find out how space altered the wine.

“Our goal is to tackle the solution of how we’re going to have an agriculture tomorrow that is both organic and healthy and able to feed humanity, and we think space has the key,” Nicolas Gaume, Space Cargo Unlimited CEO and co-founder told AP.

The company also explained that the aim was to test out the vines in a harsher environment, as there is a fear that grapes will be affected by climate change if there is no plan to adapt them correctly.

The wine went into Space in November 2019 while the wines launched in March 2020.

It is returning to Earth in SpaceX’s Dragon cargo capsule. The flight aims to land on Wednesday in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Tampa, Florida.

Picture: Unsplash

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