FrogzEggz® from Pratley is a must for every household 

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A hand-mouldable plastic material from Pratley called FrogzEggz® is aimed at a diverse range of markets from arts-and-crafts enthusiasts seeking inspiration to DIYers in search of new material for car repairs and around-the-home projects, to teachers helping learners unleash their creative potential, and cosplay devotees wanting to enhance their designs.

The name FrogzEggz® is derived from the opaque, granular plastic material that, after being heated in hot water, clumps together to form a transparent, pliable mass that resembles frogs’ eggs. It can then be shaped into a range of objects, from jewellery to glow-in-the-dark figurines, and even costume accessories.

Just a few examples of DIY use include screwdriver handles to replace plastic parts where the originals have broken, fishing lures, grip enhancements, flashlight or cellphone holders, camping and sporting accessories, hair clips, and light switch covers, rings, bracelets, and buckles. The creative possibilities offered by Pratley FrogzEggz® are limitless.

“The granular FrogzEggz® material is heated to 60°C in hot water for it to start becoming a malleable soft plastic. It will be ready for use in about a minute, as indicated by a colour change from opaque to transparent. Once set, it can even be sawn, drilled, pigmented, and painted,” explains Pratley National Sales and Marketing Manager for adhesives Mark Bell.

When removing FrogzEggz® from the hot water, it is advisable to use a spoon or similar instrument to avoid scalding. The malleable material is easily scooped out as a massed-together clump, whereupon it can be moulded by the user. Although still warm, its insulating properties render it easy to handle while forming and shaping. The required shape is then simply placed directly in cold water for it to set and harden quickly.

If desired, powder pigments can be added to FrogzEggz® to achieve different colours. This includes Pratley Glow-Powder, a new glow-in-the-dark pigment, for added variety and creativity. Powder-form pigments are simply sprinkled and mixed into FrogzEggz® while it’s still pliable, until a uniform colour consistency is achieved. It can also be painted with acrylic or oil-based paints if desired.

An added advantage of FrogzEggz® is that it can be reused over and over by simply re-submerging it in hot water until it softens again, whereupon it can then be remoulded. Separate components or elements can be stuck together by heating the surfaces and fusing them together, or by using Pratley Powda Bond or Pratley Super Glue adhesive.

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