Futuristic Flying-V concept plane completes first test flight

Date:10 September 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

A mini version of the the futuristic and fuel efficient concept Flying-V airplane successfully made its first test flight. The Flying-V was designed and developed by a team of researchers from the Delft Technology University in the Netherlands and is financially backed by Ditch airline, KLM.

The idea behind the Flying-V is to design an airplane that is more fuel efficient than current day aircraft’s. The research team plan on achieving this by placing the¬†passenger cabin, the cargo hold and the fuel tanks in the wings of the airplane. Researchers believe the Flying-V’s new aerodynamic design could cut fuel consumption down by as much as 20% compared to current day aircraft’s.

The test flight involved a 22.5 kg and 3-meter scale model of the Flying-V take to the skies while it was controlled via remote at an airport in Germany.

“One of our worries was that the aircraft might have some difficulty lifting-off, since previous calculations had shown that ‘rotation’ could be an issue,” Roelof Vos, assistant professor at the aerospace engineering faculty of Delft’s University of Technology explained¬†in a statement.

The research team now plan on using the information gathered from this test flight to create an aerodynamic model of the aircraft, allowing them to program it in a flight simulator for future tests, which will improve future flights. There is also more work to be done before a full-scale version the Flying-V can take to skies. Researchers noted that the current design of the aircraft allows for too much “Dutch roll,” which causes the aircraft to experience a rough landing, according to CNN.

Take a look at the test flight below:

Image credit: Twitter/@FlightGlobal

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