Glowing wound dressing warns of bacterial infection

Date:8 December 2015 Tags:, ,

The most common infections in burn wounds are caused by bacteria. These infections are not only difficult to spot, but if left untreated could lead to serious tissue damage.

To aid in the treatment of bacterial infection, researchers at the University of Bath have developed a wound dressing that would glow when a group of bacterial cells stick to each other, creating a bacterial biofilm on the surface of the wound. This dressing would then become luminescent or start “glowing” to warn doctors of the infection. This speeds up the process of bacterial treatment in cases where the bacteria is present, and saves the cost of unnecessary bacterial treatment.

Watch the video below for more information on the development and testing of the glowing wound dressing.

*WARNING: This video contains images of children with burn wounds, which might be distressing to some viewers.

Source: University of Bath via: Engadget

Image and video credit: N. T. Thet, D. R. Alves, J. E. Bean, S. Booth, J. Nzakizwanayo, A. E. R. Young, B. V. Jones, and A. Toby A. Jenkins/University of Bath

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