Heavy cellphone use could increase cancer risk

Date:31 July 2013 Tags:, , , ,

Researchers from Tel Aviv University have revealed that saliva from heavy cellphone users shows increased risk factors for cancer.

To explore the relationship between cancer rates and cellphone use, the researchers looked for clues in the saliva of cellphone users. Since the cellphone is placed close to the salivary gland when in use, they hypothesised that salivary content could reveal whether there was a connection to developing cancer.

Comparing heavy mobile phone users to non-users, they found that the saliva of heavy users showed indications of higher oxidative stress — a process that damages all aspects of a human cell, including DNA — through the development of toxic peroxide and free radicals. More importantly, it is considered a major risk factor for cancer.

The findings have been reported in the journal Antioxidants and Redox Signalling.

Source: Tel Aviv University


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