Exercising before breakfast can reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes

Date:5 November 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, ,

New research confirms that being in a fasting state when you exercise can help insulin response, thereby reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

“Finding ways to increase the health benefits from exercise may help to reduce the increasing prevalence of diseases such as type 2 diabetes. The new research suggests that for your health it could be better to move your feet before you eat,” said PHD researcher Rod Edinburgh, in an article for The Conversation. 

He explained that insulin is a hormone that helps control blood sugar levels. Insulin after a meal allows sugar in the blood to be transported into muscle, where it can then be stored or used as a fuel for energy.

When people don’t exercise enough and become overweight or obese they become less sensitive to insulin. This is one of the reasons why being overweight increases the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It has also been proven that exercising improves the body’s response to insulin.

The study looked at the responses of a group of men to six weeks of exercise. This was 50 minutes of cycling, three times a week. In one group, overweight or obese men exercised before breakfast while the other group had breakfast before exercising. The group that fasted showed an improved insulin response after the training. They had to produce less insulin to control their blood sugar levels. But the men who performed the same exercise after eating breakfast didn’t show an improved blood insulin response.

The men who exercised before breakfast also burned about double the amount of fat during exercise than the group who exercised after breakfast. According to Edinburgh, current evidence suggests that this increased fat burning during exercise may explain why that group showed improved health benefits.

However, the researchers do advise that this isn’t a foolproof plan to lose more weight. There is no definitive evidence one way or another that exercising in a fasted state leads to more fat burning that leads to weight-loss.

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