Just in: sugar is really, really evil

So terribly familiar, and so very bad for us.
Date:14 March 2013 Tags:, ,

We all know that refined foods generally aren’t very good for us, and that adding sugar to our foods and beverages is decidedly unhealthy. But did you know that sugar is really, really bad for you? Or that you should avoid it as if your life depends on it?

According to the people at Authority Nutrition, the harmful effects of sugar go way beyond empty calories. In fact, they say, it’s probably the single worst ingredient in the modern diet – and they cite 9 reasons why you should avoid it (all of which make sense). Here’s the scariest bit: “Sugar, due to its powerful effects on the reward system in the brain, can lead to classic signs of addiction.”

How so? As Authority Nutrition tells it: “When we eat sugar, dopamine is released in the brain, giving us a feeling of pleasure. This is actually how drugs of abuse like cocaine function. Our brain is hardwired to seek out activities that release dopamine. Activities that release an enormous amount of it are especially desirable. In certain individuals with a certain predisposition to addiction, this causes reward-seeking behaviour typical of addiction to abusive drugs.”

Okay, are you sufficiently alarmed? Ready to quit those sugary, guilt-inducing treats? Then read the full story from Authority Nutrition. And having done that, scroll down for the comments, and tell us what you think. Is fructose bad news, wherever it comes from? Hey, what about fresh fruit?

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