Jordan creates artificial reef and military museum

Date:18 December 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, , ,

Not sure what to do with decommissioned military equipment? What about sinking it? That’s what the Jordanian government did with donated helicopters, tanks, airplanes and shipwrecks as part of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) in the Red Sea.

The Kindgom of Jordan created the Underwater Military Museum Dive site off the coast of the popular diving town of Aqaba. According to the New York Times, the objects have been submerged 28 metres underwater. Different vehicles and aircraft divers can swim around and explore several tanks, an ambulance, a military crane, a troop carrier, an anti-aircraft battery, guns, a combat helicopter ad recently a Lockhead l-1011 Tristar.

ASEZA said it ensured it had removed all hazardous material from the installations to avoid harming the marine ecosystem.

These structures provide a hard surface on which algea and invertebrates such as barnacles and corals can attach. As this grows, it creates a reef which would attract fish to its food sources and protection.

In addition to providing structures to promote reef growth, ASEZA also hope that by creating this secondary attraction, it will help draw people away from the areas natural reefs to let them recover naturally.

Jordan isn’t the only country with these man-made reefs, there are hundreds off the coasts of the U.S, England and Bahrain. While most of these are ships, subways cars, and oil rigs there are a few sculptures which have been sunken as both memorials and reefs.

Image: @AhmAdTipu7/Twitter

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