Man spends $35,000 to clone his cat

Date:24 October 2019 Author: Imogen Searra Tags:, ,

A Chinese man spent $35,000 (R511,486) to clone his beloved pet cat after it died. The cloning was a success and Garlic 2.0 became the first cloned cat in the country.

The body of the original Garlic was kept in a fridge after his passing. His owner hoped that one day science would help bring him back to life.

Huang Yu contacted a pet-cloning lab in Beijing called Sinogene in hopes the scientist would be able to clone Garlic. After slapping down over half a million Rand, the process began.

According to Insider, Garlic’s skin cells were taken and inserted into the egg taken from another cat. Through electrical impulses, similar to the cloning method of Dolly in 1996, the eggs became cloned embryos.

The total number of embryos came to 40. These were then places into four surrogate mother cats. Of this, three pregnancies and two miscarriages occurred.

With one successful pregnancy, Garlic 2.0 was born. The only difference is a subtle variation in coat colour, yet the DNA match is a 100% match.

According to the New York Times, Huang said he felt somewhat let down.


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