• Miami-based surgeon offers drive-through Botox

    Date:5 June 2020 Author: ilhaam Bardien

    Many are dying to get back to their normal lives, out of quarantine and free from coronavirus. A Miami-based surgeon is making this (slightly more) possible for those who get Botox regularly by offering a drive-through botox service.

    Elective surgeries had been banned earlier this year due to restrictions which were aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus. However, on 4 May these restrictions were relax, which meant that some elective surgeries were once again allowed to conduct business. Included in these surgeries are Botox injections and cosmetic surgery.

    A plastic surgeon, Michael Salzhauer, also known as Dr. Miami, has since began performing Botox injections on a drive-through basis, in the garage of his building in Bal Harbour, according to Reuters.

    “The areas that we inject Botox are the upper face, exactly the parts of the face that aren’t covered by the mask so it’s really ideal,” Salzhauer said to Reuters.

    According to Insider, Salzhauer is only doing Botox on the upper part of the face, in order to ensure the safety of those making use of his service and himself.

    After making an appointment online, clients drive in to his garage and he walks up to their cars and injects them on the spot, reported Insider.

    Dr Miami, of course, has included safety measures which protect everyone from coronavirus. He wears a face shield as he performs the procedure and does regular temperature checks on himself and his staff.



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