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What if you could meet yourself? In the newly released film, Another Earth, scientists discover a second Earth – everyone who lives here also exists there. Star Brit Marling and director Mike Cahill wrote the film; the sci-fi elements were inspired by Richard Berendzen’s Pulp Physics tapes. Cahill interviewed Berendzen, director of Nasa’s DC Space Grant Consortium, to gather information for the script. Later, the recorded interviews became the film’s narration.

“Mike threw himself into the research,” Marling says. “He found scientific justifications for everything: the other Earth was on the opposite side of the Sun, so we didn’t see it, and the alignment of the planets drew it out.” Still, Berendzen says, the film is far from fact. “Another Earth would cause disruptions in the solar system and the tides,” he says. “But the movie isn’t about that other Earth. It’s about a girl. It’s less about science and more about philosophy.” – Erin McCarthy

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