NASA confirms viral ‘broomstick challenge’ a hoax

Date:12 February 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

#Broomstickchallenge trended in multiple countries yesterday as a viral tweet convinced people that the specific date had special gravitational properties.

This occurrence was allegedly as a result of a unique gravitational pull taking place on February 10. The original tweet which claimed this phenomenon was real also claimed it was verified by NASA.

NASA did not take their name being used to perpetuate false science lightly. They responded saying the claim was false and that, “basic physics works every day of the year – not just February 10th.”

“This is another social media hoax that exemplifies how quickly pseudoscience and false claims can go viral,” NASA said in a statement emailed to Insider.

“While this hoax was harmless, it also shows why it’s important for all of us to do some fact-checking and research – including checking in with @NASA and for real science fun facts – before jumping into the latest viral craze.”

NASA even put up their own video with astronaut Drew Alvin and scientist Sarah Noble demonstrating the challenge.

Image: Pixabay


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