Scared of asking ‘stupid’ questions? There’s a cure for this common phobia

Date:14 November 2012 Tags:, , , ,

Nasa has found a cure for the fear of asking ‘stupid’ questions. It comes in the form of a rubber chicken. Yep, you heard right. Meet ‘Camilla’, Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory’s Mission mascot.

School children – and even teachers – often find it difficult to speak to astronauts or the like, which goes against Nasa’s goal of inspiring and educating the public. But no one is afraid to speak to a rubber chicken.

Camilla – adorned in her own special spacesuit – goes all over the place to meet children and to help break the ice for astronauts when they meet the public.

In March this year, she even took a trip to the edge of space to investigate a solar radiation storm. High school students in Bishop, California, attached radiation sensors to Camilla and sent her into the storm clinging to the payload of a helium balloon. She then parachuted back to Earth where the kids continue to study the data she gathered.

Watch this video to find out more about this ‘cool chick’…

Source: Science@NASA


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