NASA release footage of asteroid touch-down

Date:22 October 2020 Author: Leila Stein

NASA has released the footage of the successful touchdown by their spacecraft OSIRIS-REx on the asteroid Bannu for sample collection.

The mission aimed at collecting samples from the asteroid to bring back to Earth for study. This incredible feat required significant planning and effort and resulted in a successful sample collection during the 6-second touchdown on the asteroid surface.

An arm on the spacecraft collected pieces of rock and dust from the surface of this asteroid and everyone on Earth was able to see it.

The spacecraft was fitted with a camera to photograph the entire process and NASA has compiled the key moment into a timelapse.

The video compiled 82 photographs together which covered the period before landing, touchdown and igniting the thrusters to take off again.

Watch this marvel in human innovation and science here:

Picture: NASA

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