• Norwegians find a viking burial site underneath their home

    Date:28 May 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    It’s not every day that you come across a Viking burial site while doing renovations on your house, but this is exactly what happened to a Norwegian couple.

    According to Forbes, after removing the floorboards in their home, which was originally constructed in 1914, the couple came across several unusually shaped rocks, but thought nothing more of them. They then continued to digging beneath the floorboards until they spotted a small object glittering in the light.

    The couple assumed the shiny object was nothing more than a wheel from a toy car, but seeing as the house was built over a century ago, and the floorboards have never been lifted, it had to be something else. As it turns out, that object was a glass bead.

    A glass bead was among the first objects discovered. Credit: NORDLAND COUNTY


    Along with the glass bead, the couple had also come across several iron objects, including a large iron axe head. This prompted them to contact the Nordland County Authority, the organisation in charge of cultural heritage, who arrived at the renovation site the next day.

    According to Norwegian law, any cultural monuments that show traces of human activity prior to 1537 are automatically preserved.

    Archaeologists then started to excavate the site and quickly deemed it a grave from the Viking age. In Norway, coming across a burial site such as this one is not uncommon. However, this is the first known example of Viking burial site found under a home.

    “We assume it dates back to the 9th century, probably a grave from the Viking Age. Now there is a group of archaeologists from Tromsø doing a survey, and they will bring all the finds north,” Archaeologist Martinus Hauglid told Bodø Nu.

    Archaeologists’ believe the glass bead and iron items are from the late Viking age, when Norway made the transition to Christianity and became one kingdom.

    Image: Pixabay

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