Hurricane Ike delays Progress docking

This image of Hurricane Ike was taken from the International Space Station on 10 September. Image credit: Nasa
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Hurricane Ike has delayed the scheduled Friday arrival of a Russian Progress cargo ship to the International Space Station, orbiting about 350 km above Earth.

The Progress docking was postponed when space station mission control at Nasa’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston closed Thursday due to the approaching storm. The centre remains closed and likely will be limited to recovery operations for the next week. The International Space Station continues to be controlled by Nasa flight controllers who were dispatched to the Austin, Texas, area and Huntsville, Alabama, prior to the onset of the storm.

Since the Mission Control Centre in Houston is solely responsible for some commanding of station systems, US and Russian officials agreed to delay the docking.

Russian flight controllers have put the spacecraft into a safe orbit away from the station until docking, which is planned for Wednesday, 17 September. If Johnson is not restored to full capability for docking, one of the backup facilities may be used to command station systems.

Station Commander Sergei Volkov and Flight Engineers Oleg Kononenko and Greg Chamitoff are awaiting the arrival of the cargo ship, which is carrying more than 2 tons of supplies including a new shipment of food and fuel.

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