• Penumbral lunar eclipse coming in June

    Date:19 May 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    South Africans will be able to spot a penumbral lunar eclipse at the beginning of June.

    This is not the most exciting eclipse, but South Africa is one part of the world where astronomy enthusiasts will be able to try and spot.

    The eclipse will happen on 5 June as the Moon moves through the faint outer part of the Earth’s shadow. Since it is not moving through the main shadow, this isn’t a significant blackout of part of the Moon. Rather, a faint shadow is cast over its surface, only a little bit fainter than the rest of the Moon.

    According to Time and Date, because this is such a faint eclipse, the Moon looks fuller and therefore is often mistaken as a full Moon.

    Those wishing to go attempt a peak should look to the skies around 7:46pm and it will be at its peak around 9:2pm.

    Spotting planets

    For those who are wanting to identity something a bit brighter, May is currently offering up some fantastic views of our neighbouring planets.

    Jupiter and Saturn currently have perfect visibility over South Africa and can be spotted in the late night or early morning.

    Find out tonight’s viewing times below or check out the full weeks viewings here.

    Image: Unsplash

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