• Peruvian company turn banana leaves into dishes

    Date:6 February 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:

    Peruvian company, Chewa Plant, have designed disposable dishes to help reduce plastic consumption and single-use plastic pollution.

    The Bio Plant dishes are rectangular-shaped plates made using banana leaves and are free of styrene and other carcinogenic components, which can both be found in plastic and styrofoam plates.

    They decompose in two months and naturally degrade within those 60 days. The leaves used are only those that break off or fall from the banana trees when bananas are harvested.

    The company make their products using a presser, a shipper and a die cutter. They manufacture 50,000 Bio Plant dishes monthly.

    “Chuwa plant observed the potential of the [banana] stems and now uses them to produce dishes,” said the company on their Facebook page.

    Soto and his team work directly with banana farmers in the Peruvian Amazon, who receive fair prices and who are cross-trained in order to take advantage of banana cultivation, True Activism reported.

    Currently, the biodegradable dishes sell for between 100 to 120 soles per 100 dishes and are made available in different areas of Peru.

    Image: Chuwa Plant/ Facebook


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