Printing with acoustics

Date:4 September 2018 Author: Asheeqah Howa Tags:

According to a report done by Engadget there is a new kid on the block when it comes to types of printing –  Acoustophoretic printing.

It uses acoustics (sound waves) to assist gravity in printing liquids with higher viscosity levels such as honey or metal.

This type of printing is still in its infancy but the applications are far-reaching. The primary industry targeted for this type of research is the pharmaceutical industry but could also be used in the cosmetic and food industries. It is safe to use to print living cells as the acoustic waves do not penetrate the drop but instead moulds it and hold it in place.

The applications for this kind of innovation seem limitless, but it doesn’t mean that we’ll be eating acoustophoretic printed food anytime soon.

Source: Engadget via The Harvard Gazette


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