• Researchers create a hologram-like chocolate that can change colour

    Date:9 July 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    It’s safe to say that as children we’ve all imagined living in a world where Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory actually existed. Unfortunately, while we don’t have the whimsical factory to explore, we do have one of the many unique creations that you would expect to have been produced in that magical place.

    Researchers from ETH Zurich have managed to create a unique type of chocolate that features a hologram-like finish when exposed to different kinds of lighting.

    The journey in creating the colour changing chocolate started when researchers Patrick Rühs, Etienne Jeoffroy, and Henning Galinski, tried to alter the colour of a bar of chocolate by coating it in gold and titanium oxide. While this process did indeed produce stunning shades of yellow and blue, the technique was too impractical and complicated to use on a larger scale of production.

    The latest and most successful iteration of the colour changing chocolate came when researchers collaborated with a materials science student named Anita Zingg. With the help of Zingg, the researchers were able to develop a new technique that involved imprinting the outside of the chocolate with a specific pattern that allowed them to produce chocolates with this unique rainbow-like finish. Best of all, the new technique does not change the texture or taste of the chocolate, according to Ubergizmo.

    It remains to be seen when exactly this one of a kind chocolate will hit the shelves, but the researchers are already in talks with chocolate makers to potentially mass-produce this unique confectionery item.

    Take a look at the shimmering chocolate below:


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