‘Ring of Fire” solar eclipse expected this week

Date:24 December 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:

Spectators in Europe, Asia, Australia and parts of Africa will be able to witness the last eclipse of the year on the 26 December.

Eclipses run in seasons and this is the final season for the year, and the decade. Seasons happen every six months or so. According to ScienceAlert,  when there is a full moon, a lunar eclipse happens and when there is a new moon, a solar eclipse happens.

This one is expected to be extra special to ring out the new year, with those viewing it able to see a little ring of sun making a “fire-like” glow around the eclipse. This is called an annular eclipse and happens because of the distance of our Moon. The Moon is currently further away from the Earth, making it appear 3 percent smaller than the Sun to our eyes.

India, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines will be able to see this beautiful site clearly, being in line with the eclipse path. While this eclipse is not viewable from South Africa, those in the North-Easterly corner of the continent will be catching a glimpse,  according to ScienceAlert. Find out if you’ll be able to see the eclipse here.

Image: NASA/Hinode/XRT

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