• Sarah Al-Amiri: The UAE scientist in charge of Mars Mission

    Date:14 July 2020 Author: Imogen Searra

    Sarah Al-Amiri is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Minister of State for Advanced Technology. She is also in charge of the UAE’s first spacecraft launch and first interplanetary mission.

    Al-Amiri and her team have been working for almost six-and-a-half years to get the spacecraft, called Hope, off the ground, she said in an interview with BBC.

    The goal of the mission is to uncover how the Red Planet became barren. By studying its climate and weather patterns, Al-Amiri hopes they will gain a deeper understanding of Mars.

    To date, the UAE has only launched satellites into Earth’s orbit, according to the BBC.

    Hope will be attached to a Japanese rocket and will take seven months to reach Mars.

    “It is a weather satellite of Mars, it provides us a comprehensive understanding of the weather, throughout the times of day, during different regions and different seasons and that gives us the comprehensive understanding view that we require,” said Al-Amiri to BBC.

    Image: Instagram/ BBC


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