• Secretive US space plane launches sixth mission

    Date:18 May 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    The mysterious US Air Force reusable high-tech drone X-37B launched its sixth mission into space.

    Called the “space plane”, the ultimate purpose of the plane has not been divulged. However, the Air Force has confirmed that the solar-powered plane is carrying out experiments while it is in space.

    So far all that has been explained is that the drone will deploy a small research satellite called the FalconSat-8 which will also carry out experiments.

    These experiments include: testing the effect of radiation on seeds and other materials, and transforming solar power into radio-frequency microwave energy that could be transmitted to the ground.

    For each of its flights, the aircraft has stayed in orbit for longer. In total so far, it has been in orbit for 2,865 days.

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    Picture: Boeingspace/ Twitter

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