Solin Naturals set to launch hemp smokes in South Africa and the UK

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Many people around the world love their tobacco – original or flavoured, it works for them. But what about a 100% pure hemp cigarette with no added tobacco? Doesn’t this sound healthier? Even though some people might say – it’s still smoking, hemp is a much better way to go about this.

Solin Naturals LLC is a life science company based in Wilmington, Delaware in the USA, that produces hemp cigarettes. The company recently entered into a Go-To-Market Distribution Agreement with South African Wholesaler, Ailon Naturals (Pty) Ltd, who will be launching its premium-grade hemp smokes in South Africa and the UK.

Adler Zero Luxury Filtered Hemp will be the first legal hemp/CBD smokes to be available on our South African shelves in August 2021. Here’s the best part – the hemp cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine-free… Awesome! This cigarette is a much healthier alternative than traditional tobacco products.

The cigarettes feature a new biodegradable filter that provides an alternative to the plant polluting cellulose acetate filter – with an aim of reducing pollution. Greenbutts filters are made with a blend of food-grade natural fibre that includes – hemp, cotton flock, wood pulp and abaca (Manila hemp), and biodegrades within a couple of days.

The filter provides the same taste and filtration properties as traditional acetate filters.

​Solin Naturals’ Managing Director, Carien Marais expressed, “The company is excited to have this opportunity to launch its flagship hemp smokable brand in South Africa and the UK, with a preeminent Wholesale Distributor such as Ailon Naturals.

“This is an important milestone for us, with respect to the Company’s strategy to build ADLER ZERO Luxury Filtered Hemp™ smokes into a major international brand. ADLER Luxury Filtered Hemp™ is currently distributed in the United States, Switzerland, Canada, and selected EU countries.

“Our smokables are made of the finest hand-selected American-grown hemp flower for the ultimate smoking satisfaction. Due to the strict South African legislation on Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) content, ADLER ZERO Luxury Filtered Hemp™ was developed in our laboratories to be legal in countries with severe THC restrictions.

“It features 20mg CBD per smoke and 0,001% THC. Our product contains CBD, which is one of the major health-promoting components, and natural terpenes responsible for a soothing, aromatic flavour and an enjoyable smoking experience,” Marais says.

The popular demand for cannabidiol products has risen in South Africa in the past year, with oils, vape products, teas, and so much more available at health shops and flea markets. Although market projections have fluctuated, there were disruptions in between, such as the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of regulatory clarity around all CBD products.

The demand for hemp/CBD increased during the pandemic as health issues such as anxiety played a big role on citizens. The smokable hemp product has a similar look and smell to other cannabis products and has proven to offer faster delivery of effects for hemp/CBD consumers.

Directors of Ailon Naturals, Theo Botha and Alwyn Marais stated that, “After an extensive period of review, we have decided to move forward with, and include Solin Naturals hemp smokables’ product line as part of our product offerings.

“Ailon Naturals specializes in organic health supplements and it makes sense to us to venture into the CBD/Hemp market. We are particularly impressed by the quality, taste, diversity, and packaging of this exciting new brand. We look forward to working with Solin Naturals LLC to make ADLER ZERO Luxury Filtered Hemp™ smokables available through our extensive distribution network in South Africa and the UK.”

For further information about this product, please contact:

Ailon Naturals (Pty) Ltd
061 105 6901 / 082 866 5338

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