SpaceX will attempt to catch the Super Heavy rocket before it lands

Date:4 January 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

SpaceX has been at the forefront of space travel ever since Falcon 1 was launched into orbit in September 2008, and it looks like the company has no intention of slowing down its innovative ways going forward.

SpaceX will attempt to catch the Super Heavy rocket before it lands

Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to announce his ambitious plans for the Super Heavy rocket, which includes attempting to catch the rocket booster using the launch tower arm as it comes in for a landing.

As Musk explained, SpaceX will try to ‘catch the Super Heavy Booster’ with the launch tower arm, with the grid fins, which are used to help control the descent, taking on the load. If the company is able to pull off this amazing feat, the new landing process would allow SpaceX to reduce the turnaround time for relaunching the rocket as it would eliminate the need to move the booster from its landing position.

The new landing process will also allow SpaceX to reduce the overall weight of the Super Heavy Booster by not having to add bulky landing legs to the rocket.

Don’t expect to see this new landing process being tested out anytime soon though, as SpaceX will only start performing flight tests of the Super Heavy Rocket in mid-2021.


Picture: Twitter/@DerangedRadio

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