Spend eight months in isolation for NASA

Date:21 May 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

If spending the last two months in isolation isn’t enough alone time for you, NASA is looking for people to spend upwards of eight months in a secluded Russian lab.

During the eight month experiment a crew will live in isolation at Russia’s Institute for Biomedical Problems, which was used for a series of Russian mock Mars missions in 2011. This time around, the facility will feature environmental aspects similar to that of Mars.

Those who are selected for the experiment will work on scientific research along with conducting experiments that future astronauts will have to complete during the Artemis exploration missions to the Moon and future long-duration missions to Mars.

The intention behind the eight month long mission is to help NASA study the effects of isolation and confinement as participants work to successfully complete their simulated space mission.

Results from ground-based missions like this help NASA prepare for the real-life challenges of space exploration and provide important scientific data to solve some of these problems and to develop countermeasures.

Participants interesting in this experiment must be speak both Russian and English proficiently and have an MS, PhD, MD or military officer training.

Image: NASA

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