• Study reveals surprising origin of some Dead Sea Scrolls

    Date:3 June 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    The Dead Sea Scrolls have been a wonder for scientists, theologists and archeologists alike since they were discovered by Bedouin shepards in caves above the Dead Sea. Despite having been studied since the end of the 1940s, new information about these scrolls keeps being revealed.

    A recent study has found that these scrolls might not have originated from the desert country they were found in, but rather brought from further afield.

    “We have discovered through analysing parchment fragments that some texts were written on the skin of cows and sheep, whereas before we thought they had all been written on goat skin,” said researcher Pnina Shor, who heads the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) project studying the manuscripts.

    “This proves that the manuscripts do not come from the desert where they were found,” she told AFP.

    The origin of these scrolls has been a puzzle for years, although they have been dated to be from around the third century BCE to the first century CE.

    Other indications suggest that some of the scrolls were different to others in the content and style of the calligraphy.

    Image: ShanilhShafig/Twitter


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