Another superpower made real

Date:20 March 2012 Tags:, ,

Researchers at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory in Massachusetts, have built a portable radar system that can peer through a 20-cm concrete wall. Like all radar, the device works by aiming radio waves at a target and measuring the signal that bounces back. The wall blocks more than 99 per cent of the waves, but enough still leak through to detect any moving object on the other side. The system outputs real-time video at 10,8 frames per second, quick enough to be useful in urban warfare and search-and-rescue operations. Researchers tested the radar from a distance of 6 metres, but say it is still effective from three times that distance. Next up: mounting the 2,6 metre-long assemblage on a vehicle for mobile field testing. – Alex Hutchinson

Video: visit MIT’s new radar technology can see through walls to watch a video explaining how the team’s system can see through walls.

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