Supervisors can now see what employees see through Google Meet

Date:15 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Google Glass was first unveiled in 2013, and despite the technology being less of a success than Google originally thought, the company is still releasing updates for the wearable piece of tech. The latest update comes in the form of the Enterprise Edition for the Google Glasses and the new ability to let remote supervisors see through the eyes of their workers via Google Meet, and then assist them through a live chat.

According to a Google Blog post, through the use of ‘Meet for Glass’ employees can quickly and securely connect over video in real-time and keep their hands free to perform tasks while receiving instructions from a superior.

In the demonstration video posted by Microsoft, you can see an employee receiving instructions on how to perform a task via her smartphone. She then puts on the Enterprise Edition of Google glasses before contacting her supervisor, who pops up on a large virtual screen and can see everything she sees. The employees hands are left completely free to perform tasks while receiving instructions.

The whole system seems to be something straight out of a sci-fi movie, with the ability to move around and interact with a number of different virtual panels. Whether it will actually work like this in real like remains to be seen, but the idea is certainly a good one.

Take a look at the new Dynamics 365 Remote Assist program below:

The service is however only available for paying Google Workspace customers who will need to sign up for a beta of the new system.

Picture: Google blog post

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