The International Space Station has sprung a leak

Date:21 August 2020 Author: Leila Stein

The International Space Station, home to at most six astronauts, has sprung a small leak. This isn’t the first time this has happened, with the leak being noticed initially a year ago.

According to NASA, the ISS always loses a small amount of air pressure but this is monitored to make sure it’s stable. In September 2019, they noticed an increased in the standard cabin leak rate.

“Because of routine station operations like spacewalks and spacecraft arrivals and departures, it took time to gather enough data to characterize those measurements. That rate has slightly increased, so the teams are working a plan to isolate, identify, and potentially repair the source,” said NASA.

“The leak is still within segment specifications and presents no immediate danger to the crew or the space station.”

To try and identify the source, all the hatches on the ISS will be closed over the weekend so mission control can monitor the air pressure in each module. Depending on these measurements, NASA hope to find out which module has the leak.

The three astronauts on board the ISS will spend the weekend in the Russian segment of the space station, in the Zvezda service module.

Image: NASA


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