The ISS is getting a larger airlock

Date:27 November 2020 Author: Leila Stein

The International Space Station will be getting a larger airlock to accommodate bigger projects.

Since its launch, the ISS has faired well with the airlocks it currently has, however these larger payload projects are needed to increase research abilities in low Earth orbit.

“The Nanoracks Bishop Airlock Module will serve as another door to space, helping to move larger payloads inside and outside the station. This will alleviate one bottleneck slowing down the deployment of new small satellites and CubeSats from the space station,” said NASA.

“Bishop will also significantly increase the amount of research that can be done in low-Earth orbit – research that helps us better understand the space environment but also has implications for Earth imaging, medical research, and biomanufacturing.”

According to NASA, Nanoracks LLC will be heading up the project and the new airlock will be delivered by a SpaceX Dragon capsule on the 21st commercial resupply mission for NASA.

The airlock will be attached to U.S. Node 3, which also goes by the name Tranquility.

“We’re embarking on more and more public-private partnerships with NASA, building up the ecosystem in low-Earth orbit,” said Nanoracks CEO Jeffrey Manber. “Not only is that important for research opportunities, but it also paves the way for innovations.”

Picture: Nanoracks

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