The Orionids meteor shower reaches it’s peak this week

Date:21 October 2020 Author: Leila Stein

The Orionids meteor shower is going to peak for both the Northern and Southern hemisphere this week.

This spectacular shower will see between 15 and 20 meteors per hour which will be travelling at 240,000 km/h.

The Orionids are part of the dust left behind by Haley’s comet, which the Earth moves through, resulting in this fantastic shower. They have gained their name from appearing to originate from the constellation of Orion.

How to watch

The best way to watch this shower over the next few nights is to drive out of the city to an area with less light pollution. Arrive a little early to give your eyes time to adjust to the darkness, bring a blanket and warm clothes so you can lie down and look up into the sky.

The meteors will be found north of  Betelgeuse, the brightest star of the Orion constellation. Although the Moon is dimmer this week, making for better viewing, try and keep it out of your sight to avoid extra light interference.

Picture: Unsplash

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